iMicro 3D RF Wireless Optical Mouse 800 DPI Resolution for Laptop and Desktop


iMicro 3D RF Wireless Optical Mouse 800 DPI Resolution for Laptop and Desktop computer use - MT-16 Blue


iMicro 3D RF Wireless Optical Mouse 800 DPI Resolution for Laptop and Desktop computer use - MT-16 Blue
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Customer Reviews

Having used this mouse for 2 weeks, I thought it was time I could offer a decent review. Overall I really like this mouse. I bought it on a whim, as the price was so low. I have done information system work for 3 decades and have used an awful lot of mice, many of which were indeed awful. I actually got a mild case of carpal tunnel from a very badly designed trackball, the pain went away when I threw it away. I provide these facts so readers will understand I know a bit about mice.
This mouse is small, well designed, works well and is a pleasure to use. The fact that the wireless usb dongle docks inside the mouse when not in use is a great idea. The satin finish on the outside is very nice and comfortable to the touch. The optical laser works well and I use it on carpet, sofa, coffe table, just about anywhere I want. It is 99% of the time recognized on boot up without having to resynch. I have not yet had to change batteries, but battery life is always an issue on wireless devices. I want to switch to rechargeable batteries so I can try the charger capabilities which are built into the mouse.
The only weak spot is that the mouse will not function as a mouse with the usb charging cable plugged in, which seems silly when the engineering is so good on every other count.
This mouse is about 1/2 the size of a standard mouse, so if you have large hands it might be problematic to use. It works great for me and is a great accessory for my netbook. Some people complain that it breaks if you drop it, but so do Ipods and many other electronic devices, my advice is don't drop it.
Its a great mouse, and I'm glad I bought it.

The (really) good:
1) I paid $5 for this... cheaper than most corded optical mice! Unbelievable it works at all at this price!
2) Works GREAT, on every surface I've tried it. I prefer using a coworker's back, but it would probably work well on anything on your desk. At home, I use it to "drive" a laptop that feeds video to my TV, and an RF/optical mouse is perfect for this non-ideal- surface/not-close-to-PC "work"...
3) The USB receiver docks into the mouse's backside when not in use, which also turns off the power to the mouse completely, thus saving the batteries. VERY slick. For a forgetful laptop user like me, this automatic power switch when I pack up is perfect!
4) Dongle docks smoothly, and eject button works smoothly when you want the dongle back.
5) WORKS CORDED AS WELL when the batteries die. I don't know what the above guy was doing when he said it didn't, because I actually did this FIRST before I even found batteries for it. Maybe having the dongle docked overrides this and shuts down the mouse ( - I haven't tried...), but without dongle or batteries inserted DEFINITELY works as a corded mouse!
6) Alkaline batteries last weeks and weeks in this with moderate usage. I don't mouse CONSTANTLY, and the mouse has a powersaving mode when you're NOT wiggling it, so constant-surfer/gamers might experience something else. Apparently you can put rechargables in it and use the included retractable cord to charge them, but when the local dollar store sells 16 AAA for a buck, why bother with that?
The Bad:
1) Oddly, when you have the dongle docked, the battery door under your palm feels much looser than when not docked, as if the eject spring is pushing on the battery door. No, you don't generally use the mouse with the dongle docked, but I'm concerned about it banging around in my computer bag, opening itself, and gouging out the components inside... Hasn't happened yet, so stay tuned.
2) What the hell is the "3D functionality"? Nothing I use shows any difference from any other 3-button scroll mouse... Technical marketing lags here...

Item Description

Mfr Part Number: MT-16 Functions: 3D Optical Wireless Mouse RF wireless optical enable you function freely cute design, especially mini size for traveler and notebook user 800dpi resolution, 27MHz radio frequency, 256 ID channel Thumb-size USB receiver for plug and play Batteries saving technology turn mouse off whilst no use Operating current: 25 mA Holding existing: 12 mA Sleep current: 50 ?A Operating voltage: +3V ± .5V Color: Blue

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B001ENYQT8
  • Item model number: MO-16SBL

Technical Details

  • RF Wireless Optical Allow You Work Freely
  • Thumb-size USB Receiver for Plug and Play
  • Mini Size for Travelling and Notebook Use Cute Design
  • Power Saving Technology Turn Mouse Off While Not In Use
  • With a Retractable Extend Charger USB Cable
iMicro 3D RF Wireless Optical Mouse 800 DPI Resolution for Laptop and Desktop computer use - MT-16 Blue

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